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A story of
Her GLory


Meet tiffany

My name is Tiffany Combs and I was born and raised in Blakely, Georgia on the Miller Farm. My dad was a local third generation farmer. As a little girl, I remember watching my grandma press my cousins hair and I was intrigued by the experience and was eager to learn more. As I grew older, the love for hair and this profession grew stronger. I am passionate about my craft and gift. I moved to Columbus, GA in Fall of 2005 to pursue my career in Accounting. Four years later I received my Bachelor in Accounting and a year and half after a MBA. Fully focused in my Accounting career my mind continued to wander in the beauty industry. In May 2012, I created the collaborative brand Her Glory. Her Glory is a luxury professional beauty brand providing exclusive salon services, premier extension, custom Girlfriend units and PURE perfect hair care products. On November 2015, I decided to quit my job as an Accounting Instructor at a Community College and pursue my dreams in beauty at Aveda in Atlanta, Georgia.

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